Egyptian Love Poetry From The Modern Era

Present day Egyptian Love Poetry is mainly influenced by muslim and islamic tradition, as modern Egypt is considered an Arab state, although other religious influences exist.

Modern Egyptian Love poetry still retains some of its lyrical beauty, and I have included for your enjoyment, three poems that reflect this feature.

The Anemone

Blame me not if I tear my clothes

for your reproach only increases the pain of love

the error of my ways has blackened my soul

and destiny has sentenced me to a bitter end

those who see me admire me but alas!

my Creator knows I am but a hypocrite

outwardly I am beauty itself

but a dreadful calamity has consumed my innermost

shame when I step foward for the questioning

alas, I will have no answer but disgrace

Oh, if you were to unveil my baseness

you would see joy reflected on

the face of my enemy!


What is this passion burning like fire?

how strange, it leaves behind gardens

instead of charred ashes

My fleeing is futile,

fate has been written

loneliness will be my companion

and yearning my mount.

Weep not for me O my comrade

For imagination is a loyal friend

and nostalgia my solace

Say to him who would blame me;

Your cruelty has no victim

for the one you blame has fallen

Leave me be to perish in love

Instead, pity the one who yearns not

for the Source of every beauty


The morning zephyr bears

the scent of Tayba

A fragrant rose of

sweet enchanted savour

The friends who lay upon

those sacred sands

in sleep they entered

dreamy meadowlands

whereupon they saw

the broken one alone

who led them to tombs

of men unbeknown

Hers are the sands

that heal us of our woes

breathe me! she says,

I am a fragrant rose

weep O broken one!

for you are lost afar

cry for a single moment within Tayba

O Lord make her my grave

and from whence I rise

to melt in her sands

will be my only prize

Bless for ever the dweller

of this sacred tomb

From his soul spills

the sweetest scented perfume

From the 3 examples above of modern Egyptian Love Poetry, we can observe that very little of its rich ancient legacy is lost.

You can see that modern Egyptian Love Poetry uses the same flowery expressive language and effusiveness which links it to its distant illustrious past. Which perhaps is not much in vogue with poetry from the english speaking world today.

I hope you have found our journey through the world of Egyptian Love Poetry from its earliest times to the present, informative, captivating and enjoyable.

In conclusion, if you have found pleasure in Egyptian Love Poetry, please read on for more from my world of Love Poetry.....

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