Black Love Poetry is mainly from African-American poets.

We start this page with two examples of black love poetry that are unambiguous and unashamed about exhibiting depth of feeling:


by Robin Clayton

Dark in complexion.

Always shows me affection.

He's a dime piece with no question.

Other men compared to

him falls less than.

When I think of me, I think of him.

For him, I would go out on a whim.

Go far out and bring back

treasures for him.

Give mind and body stimulating

pleasures to him.

It's all because I love him.

When I'm thirsty there's only

ONE thing I need.

It is the juice he gives to me to

drink when my body is weak.

He is so meek but at the

same time strong.

And it is him that i will love

for a lifetime long.

I would be lying if I said

that with his Juice

I could do without because

I know that it is him that it's all about.

It's so perfuse that I need,

want and have to

have all of his Juice

I'm drawn to you

by AgapePoetess

I'm drawn to you

Like an African woman

To the village watering hole

Sampling your wisdom

Ingesting the vitality of your words

Allowing your love to soothe

My parched throat

Wishing it to restore a jaded spirit.

This next example of black love poetry by the same poet hints of a relationship that traverses time and space. It is rather captivating. I have often held the view that sometimes the shorter poems exhibit a depth and profundity, that belie their size. Length and verbosity does not always indicate quality, and this point is proven here:

Intimate Stranger

The familiarity

That lies beneath your eyes

Only visible to me

So surreal

Like we've bonded on another level

Having shared dreams and failures

Been intimate in some past life

Made love of egyptian sands

Warming the night air

Leaving me with your seed to bare

You know a place in my heart

That only exists to you

My fourth example of modern black love poetry on this page is by the erotic love poet aka SoulPoet. If you think this daring, you should see the one I left out!

"Pasionate kiss"

by SoulPoet

A passionate kiss,

filled with bliss,

tastin' lusciouz lips,

as tongues twist,

and seemingly melt,

within each others


in a warm,



slippery exchange

of liquid,

the way it changes

the mind and spirit,

the spirit and mind,

sendin' pleasure

down our spinez,

our fingerz entwined,


within each other,


what our lips were


like Blistex,

where tongues are

put 2 the test,

and mindz ponder, 2 wander,

into warm,

erotik places,

as we fully embrace,

the sensual taste,

of a passionate,



and we fall in sweet


2 the intense bliss,

of a passionate kiss...

As you can see, some modern black love poetry tend to be more concerned with impact than have much pretensions of form or finesse. The message is everything and the more forceful and shocking the delivery, the better.

My last example of modern black love poetry on this page contrasts with the previous. Here the poet employs a classic style which is easy to deride as pretentious, and form is everything. Pathos and whimsy are her allies in getting the message of 'Heartache' across:


by MzBHavin

Dost Thou knowest, the true sadness?

Dost Thou Knoweth, the pain

Of un reciprocated Love?

Deserted lost feelings

Sometimes, withheld in thee

Upon everyday of the week

The restraint of tears

There, welled up to make themselves

Known, while dealings are going on

Throughout the day

With no opportunity in sight

To be alone and, pray

Thy longest, to solace the pangs

Bottled up inside thus, flowing

Through my pen this way

To help thee get through the night & life;

Emotions hath become a guide

Through the nostalgia, of lost love

The insomnia, that keeps thee awake at night

Tis' the taunting un agitated

Space, beside thee, constantly

Consistently, reminding thee of

The absence of thy lover

And, the remnants of times shared.

I cannot recant

Nor, rescind how much I've cared

Priceless, cannot replace

Thy love for thee-

Though I've shed a river of tears

I shall not easily vent.

Tis' thy broken-heartedness

The arrow through thy heart is broken-bent

Enduring, relenting heartache without

Some sight of release (sigh)

Shun, to beseech thy love from thee

Rehearsed to reject, therefore-

Beckon thee not to comfort,

Return not to see thy tears

Go forth in haste, from thine eyes

Thou hast plucked thy heartstrings

With deceit

"Return not to see thy Tears"

Thy shall spare no pains, toward strength

Thy shall be puissant; for

Despite thy heartache,

Thy hast, refused to release

Thy soul to ascend, in despair.

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Maya Angelou

Claude Mckay

Anne Spencer

Nikki Giovanni 1

Paul Dunbar

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