Black Love Poetry is mainly from African-American poets.

Welcome to my penultimate page on modern black love poetry. Once again I have selected five examples of the genre:


by Black Grandmom

I am black, but humble in my love of

thee; and I shall remember thy love.

Look not upon me as black, but as one

whom loveth thee more than life itself.

Thou cheeks are rosy with blush, and

thou body soft unto my touch.

My beloved looks unto me, as a cluster

of rare jewels, and satin and lace.

Let thy lips kiss with kisses sweeter than

wine, and behold my beloveth who are of fair mocha.

With eyes of a dove, my bright and

morning star, this my lily of the valley.

As the sun shall rise, I shall claim you my

love, until the shadows fades.

Obfuscate Blue

by Nai'sha Williams

I am obfuscate blue,

The dark deep color of pain,

The feeling of humiliation;

And the outrage of being used by you.

I am soft quiet footsteps of triumph,

That carried my torn numb body to the closet;

Trembling, I kneeled down and buried my head in

my chest,

After you were through.

I am the girl you stole,

The woman you made.

Trifflin in your ways,

My young-mature shaped body left you in a daze.

Blinded by your drunken state,

I was the one desire couldn't let escape.

Leaving my body bloody and a void in my soul.

I was the one you choose to degrade,

And there was nothing I could do.

Scathed by your touch,

I am the example of your abuse

And unrestricted manhood.

Robbing of all that was pure and true.

I am the sound of forbidden tears,

Your fist clenched tightly in the air,

The look upon my face was despair.

I made shrill cries for help,

But no one heard them.

Once to the eye,

Twice to the mouth,

And one to the stomach.

A forceful kiss increased the epiphany of my


I am the sound of many,

The words of few.

Finally the truth has been spoken.

And a deathly secret broken.

Until I can claim my soul which is consumed by

unbearable pain and shame,

I will remain what you've made me into,

Obfuscate Blue

Obfuscate Blue a wonderfully inventive title, is hardly black love poetry. It is one of those works you come across by accident which does not actually fit into the subject matter, but which you find impossible to ignore because of its brilliance.

There are already a few instances like this on my site where the choice has arguably fallen outside the intended scope, but none perhaps, so glaringly obvious as Obfuscate Blue.

The poet writes on the experience of the pain and trauma of a physical assault which is of a sexual nature. Rape is regrettably a common crime everywhere in today's world and statistics inform us that it is rarely reported by the victim:

I am the sound of many,

The words of few.

This is as much black love poetry as 'Strange Fruit' by the incomparable Billie Holiday is a black love song, but it is gripping and moving poetry that commends itself to its reader. It merits inclusion on this strength, so I beg you to indulge me once again!

Let us now get back to more familiar terrain with this next example of modern black love poetry:

Secret Love

by Joyce Foote

I could never tell you my true feelings,

That I feel for you.

I'll keep them to myself,

What I feel is true, you see.

But I know we can never be,

Too many things to get in our way.

I can only dream of you holding me one day,

I think of you with every waking minute,

And long for you each night.

Wish I could share with you, what is in my heart.

But I am afraid you don't feel the same,

my heart will be torn apart.

So for now, I'll keep my secret to myself,

I'll just keep Praying that someday,

You'll take me by the hand, and tell me you feel

the same way.

Until then I'll just keep loving you,

And hope that one day, you will love me too....

These are the last two examples of modern black love poetry on this page:

If I Could

by Joyce Foote

If I could stand atop a mountain,

Or shout from shore to shore.

I would tell anyone who'll listen,

Who stole my heart for sure.

If I could be anywhere,

At any given time,

It would be inside your heart,

Full of pure love so beautiful and divine.

If I could awaken to the grandest love of all,

I would find myself laying next to you,

And I would thank the Lord above,

For giving me such a magnificent and precious,

One in a million kind of love.

If I could, I would do all these things,

And even more you see.

For your love means the whole world to me.

Absence Blues

by Frieda Groffy

sometimes sadness sleeps

next to joy

in the confusing bed of love

lovers playing a dangerous

chess game of choices

within the cloak of tenderness

is hidden the sting of jealousy

explosive silences killing

soothing words in throats

bottled up with tears

is there always pain

embedded in the smile of happiness

deep desire transforming

into haunting dreams

the longing to drink

love nectar from your lips

fading away in the

dry well of your absence

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