Pablo Neruda Love Poetry contains his 100 Love Sonnets inspired by his wife, Matilde.

Pablo Neruda Love Poetry contains many fine examples of his famed 100 love sonnets.

Sonnet LXXXI

And now you're mine. Rest with your dream in my dream.

Love and pain and work should all sleep, now.

The night turns on its invisible wheels,

and you are pure beside me as a sleeping amber.

No one else, Love, will sleep in my dreams.

You will go, we will go together, over the waters of time.

No one else will travel through the shadows with me,

only you, evergreen, ever sun, ever moon.

Your hands have already opened their delicate fists

and let their soft drifting signs drop away;

your eyes closed like two gray wings, and I move

after, following the folding water you carry,

that carries me away. The night, the world, the wind spin out their destiny.

Without you, I am your dream, only that, and that is all.

Here is another example of 100 love sonnets from Pablo Neruda Love Poetry

‘My love, at the shutting of this door of night FROM: 100 LOVE POEMS LXXXII

My love, at the shutting of this door of night

I ask of you, love, a journey through a dark pound:

shut out your dreams: enter with your sky my eyes:

stretch out in my blood as if in a wide river.

Goodbye, goodbye, cruel clarity that was dropped

into the bag of every day of the past:

goodbye to every gleam of clocks or oranges:

welcome oh shadow, periodic friend!

In this boat, or water, or death, or new life,

one more time we unite, slumbering, resurrected:

we are the marriage of the night in the blood.

I don’t know who lives or dies, sleeps or wakes,

but it is your heart that delivers,

to my chest, the gifts of the dawn.

Let us take a look at another example of Pablo Neruda Love Poetry from 100 love sonnets

‘It’s good to feel you are close to me in the night, love,’ FROM: 100 LOVE SONNETS LXXXIII

It’s good to feel you are close to me in the night, love,

invisible in your sleep, intently nocturnal,

while I untangle my worries

as if they were twisted nets.

Withdrawn, your heart sails through dream,

but your body, relinquished so, breathes

seeking me without seeing me perfecting my dream

like a plant that seeds itself in the dark.

Rising, you will be that other, alive in the dawn,

but from the frontiers lost in the night,

from the presence and the absence where we meet ourselves,

something remains, drawing us into the light of life

as if the sign of the shadows had sealed

its secret creatures with flame.

Here is the last love sonnet I have for your enjoyment. I do hope you have enjoyed my selection from Pablo Neruda Love Poetry

‘One time more, my love, the net of light extinguishes’ FROM: 100 LOVE SONNETS LXXXIV

One time more, my love, the net of light extinguishes

work, wheels, flames, boredoms and farewells,

and we surrender the swaying wheat to night,

the wheat that noon stole from earth and light.

The moon alone in the midst of its clear page

sustains the pillars of Heaven’s Bay,

the room acquires the slowness of gold,

and your hands go here and there preparing night.

O love, O night. O cupola ringed by a river

of impenetrable water in the shadows of Heaven,

that raises and drowns its tempestuous orbs,

until we are only the one dark space

a glass into which fall celestial ashes,

one drop in the flow of a vast slow river.

As I mentioned above, this is the last love sonnet have included for your reading pleasure from Pablo Neruda Love poetry, However there is a special bonus...

We can see how much Pablo Neruda Love Poetry drew on the inspiration of his beloved wife and muse Matilde Urrutia.

On her death bed, she was reported to have exclaimed "I'm happy. At last I'm going to be with my Pablo..."

The last poem from Pablo Neruda Love Poetry I have in this segment is the poet's dedication to's extremely moving too...

Matilde Urrutia, I'm leaving you here

all I had, all I didn't have,

all I am, all I am not.

My love is a child crying,

reluctant to leave your arms,

I leave it to you forever--

you are my chosen one.

You are my chosen one,

more tempered by winds

than thin trees in the south,

a hazel in August; as a great bakery.

You have an earth heart

but your hands are from heaven.

You are red and spicy,

you are white and salty

like pickled onions,

you are a laughing piano

with every human note;

and music runs over me

from your eyelashes and your hair.

I wallow in your gold shadow,

I'm enchanted by your ears

as though I had seen them before

in underwater coral.

In the sea for your nails' sake,

I took on terrifying fish . . . .

Sometime when we've stopped being,

stopped coming and going,

under seven blankets of dust

and the dry feet of death,

we'll be close again, love,

curious and puzzled.

Our different feathers,

our bumbling eyes,

our feet which didn't meet

and our printed kisses,

all will be back together,

but what good will it do us,

the closeness of a grave?

Let life not separate us:

and who cares about death?

I cannot think of a more fitting example of Pablo Neruda Love Poetry to bring an end to this page.

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