Discover the Rich world of Love Poetry. Beautiful verses from Renowned Poets.

Egyptian Love Poetry uses rich imagery .
Enjoy Egyptian Love Poetry. Egypt has one of civilisations oldest cultures. There is also love poetry from modern Egypt with its arabic and moslem influences.
Poetry Courtly Love is a romantic ideal
Poetry Courtly Love romanticized the concept of love in medieval Europe. It found fame through the Troubadours whose poetry created a religion of love. See its development and examples here.
Pablo Neruda Love Poetry is probably the greatest of the 20th century
Pablo Neruda Love Poetry is characterised by deep emotions and beautiful imagery. A master poet of the 20th century, his love poetry is tender, melancholic, sensuous and passionate.
W.B. Yeats Love Poetry is known for its lyrical elegance and profound verse.
Yeats Love Poetry is defined by the way it progressed from rather gaudy and flowery verses that elicited mixed reviews to powerful and sublime poetry that confirmed its greatness.
Famous Love Poetry contains some of the best known love poetry.
Famous Love Poetry is a compilation of some the worlds most famous love poetry. The most famed love poetry of Shakespeare, Byron, Keats, Coleridge, Pushkin, Edgar Allan Poe and others are represented
Medieval Love Poetry started romantic love which is now part of modern culture.
Medieval Love Poetry developed from the practice and conventions of courtly love. Intermingled with the growing influence of religion, it added value to the culture of Renaissance Europe
Black Love Poetry is modern love poetry because of its history and development
Black Love Poetry is powerful and passionate. It developed from the reawakening of the cultural identity and conciousness of people of African descent after centuries of suppression.
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